Conserving Energy For A Better Future

Conserving Energy For A Better Future

Improving Your Home's Energy Performance With Solar Panels

by Victor Bryant

The installation of a new solar panel system for your home can be an upgrade that will significantly lower your home's energy costs. Additionally, a solar panel system may even have the benefit of improving the value of the home when the owner seeks to sell it.

You May Not Have To Cover Your Entire Roof With Solar Panels

A common assumption about solar panels is that they will have to cover the entire roof to provide decent energy output. However, modern solar panels are far more efficient, and this can allow single panels to have a much greater degree of energy output. This will enable the owner to install fewer panels on the roof. When choosing where to install the new solar panels, you should primarily focus on the side of the roof that will receive the most direct sunlight throughout the entire day.

A Solar Panel System Can Last For Years With Minimal Maintenance Needs

Homeowners will typically want to avoid making upgrades that will substantially increase the total amount of time and energy that they will have to devote to maintaining their homes. Fortunately, a solar panel system will have minimal impacts on the total maintenance needs of your house. In most cases, the solar panel system will only need to be occasionally cleaned to remove leaves and other materials that may be able to block the sunlight from being absorbed. Furthermore, these systems will typically have an output meter that will provide you with an accurate understanding of the power that your system is generating. This information can be useful for alerting you to potential issues with the system that may require professional servicing to address.

High Capacity Batteries Will Be Required To Use The Solar Panel System's Power Overnight

During the day, it is common for solar panel systems to actually generate far more energy than the home is actually requiring. This is especially true for homes that are unoccupied for much of the day. Luckily, it is possible to install high-capacity batteries in the home that will allow you to capture the excess energy from the system so that it can be used during overnight hours. While these batteries will be a large investment to make, the energy savings that they may allow you to enjoy during the overnight hours could more than offset the costs that they may require to buy and install. These savings coupled with the additional functionality can make this a wise investment for a person to make. 

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