Conserving Energy For A Better Future

Conserving Energy For A Better Future

3 Things To Know About Switchgear Systems & Arc Flashes

by Victor Bryant

When you have a switchgear system set-up, one thing you want to avoid are arc flashes. Arc flashes are caused by voltage that was discharged by a switchgear. You don't want arc flashes to occur in your industrial or commercial power set-up. Arc flashes can lead to explosions, fires and injuries based on how large they are and when they occur. In order to control and limit arc flashes, you need to understand how they operate.

#1 Voltage At Which Arc Flashes Can Occur

It is important to realize that arc flashes do not require a lot of voltage in order to occur. With a relatively low amount of voltage, an arc flash can occur. Technically, the amount of voltage within a home can cause an arc flash. The amount of voltage that run through industrial setups is often thousands of times more powerful than the voltage found in a home set-up, which means that arc flashes that occur in industrial settings can be extremely powerful and even deadly.

#2 Arc Flashes Are Caused By Three Primary Factors

Although arc flashes can occur in even the perfect switchgear system, there are a few factors that increase the chance of an arc flash occurring. The first situation that can cause an arc flash to occur is an electrical connection that becomes loose and then overheats. The second situation that can cause an arc flash to occur is insulation that has deteriorated over time, particularly on the phase bus bars, which decrease the level of protection within an industrial electrical set-up. Finally, if any tools are used to energize the switchgear, that can cause an arc flash to occur as well.

All of these situations can be prevent through routine maintenance. If the insulation is replaced as soon as it breaks down, and if all loose wires are addressed and reconnected, and tools are not used on the switchgear, the chance of an arc flash occurring is greatly reduced.

#3 Arc Flash Analysis Can Help Control Arc Occurrence

Finally, if you are concerned about arc flashes occurring in your industrial building, you need to have an arc flash analysis run. A technician runs an arc flash analysis, and figures out where an arc could occur and what steps need to be taken to protect against the occurrence of an arc flash. Arc flash analysis should be ran every time there is a change to your electrical system.

Arc flashes are dangerous, and all possible steps to control and stop them from occurring in your industrial set-up should be taken. Contact a company, like Enercon  Engineering Inc , for more help.


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