Conserving Energy For A Better Future

Conserving Energy For A Better Future

The Advantages of Uavs for Oil-Field Exploration

by Victor Bryant

When oil fields are explored and surveyed, there are two principle methods: on foot and by manned aircraft. But each of these issues can be problematic in different ways. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are increasingly being used throughout the process of oil-field exploration, surveying, and maintenance. There are some major advantages to their use.

UAVs Are Safer Than the Alternatives

Planes can fail. When they do fail, those who are manning the mission could potentially be injured. UAVs are unmanned; even if they crash, no one will be injured. But it isn't just planes that can be dangerous. On-foot surveying and exploration can be equally dangerous, as the workers will need to go through potentially hazardous areas. Not only do companies wish to protect their employees, but they also need to reduce their liability and the cost of potential issues.

UAVs Can Get Better Vantage Points

UAVs can both get better vantage points than those on on-foot missions and can get better detail than manned aircraft. UAVs fly closer to the ground but are still able to maneuver freely. When on-foot and manned aircraft are used together, they usually have to consolidate their data later on. This can lead to inaccurate information. UAVs can instead perform both parts of the mission without any need for data consolidation.

UAVs Are More Affordable

Though UAVs utilize advanced technology, they still aren't as expensive as a manned aircraft. UAVs can perform surveying at a fraction of the cost. A UAV simply needs a single pilot to direct it. A manned aircraft will need a pilot in addition to the surveyors. On-foot surveying will often require a team of surveyors who need to work together. 

UAVs Are Faster and More Reliable

Because there is less that can go wrong with a UAV, it's very unlikely that a project will be delayed. A UAV will be faster and more reliable. When it comes to exploration and surveying, a delay during the process could mean the delay of the project in its entirety. This could be extraordinarily costly for a business in terms of finances in addition to potentially costing them opportunities. UAVs being faster and more reliable also means that oil and gas companies are able to better fulfill their obligations to their shareholders. 

UAVs are ultimately safer and easier to use than other methods of oil-field exploration. Through this technology, oil and gas companies will be able to complete their exploration and surveying in a faster, easier way.


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