Conserving Energy For A Better Future

Conserving Energy For A Better Future

3 Things That Rubber Goods Can Protect Against In Underground Electrical Set-Ups

by Victor Bryant

Many electrical industries choose to run products underground to help make connections easier and reduce the need for hanging wires through the air. As various underground electrical connections are planned, it's important to have products that can handle the elements and obstacles found underground. Companies like Elastimold offer a number of rubber goods that are optimized for these elements and can be used to help prevent specific issues. Understanding these different benefits can help you choose the best parts for wires, fuses, and other underground electrical components.

Animals & Bugs

One of the biggest obstacles to deal with underground are various animals and bugs. When ordering rubber goods, you want to ensure that the parts can handle the impact of insects or animals like moles. Hard rubber parts offer the durability and strength to handle contact from these critters. The stable design can help prevent the bugs from getting inside of parts or chewing through them. Rubber seals and joints will help keep wires in place and prevent any interference.

Extreme Temperatures

During the winter, grounds can freeze and have extremely cold temperatures. This is especially true the closer you are to the surface level. Rubber electrical parts are often rated for temperatures that can go well below the point of freezing. This means that no matter how cold the ground area is, the electrical wires and components will operate with any delays or malfunctions. The same functions can also work in hot weather elements. During the summer, the heat will not warp or melt these rubber parts in any way. This allows you to confidently run wires through the ground without any problems.

Moisture & Weather Elements

Rain showers or snow is another concern when it comes to installing electrical wires underground. Using rubber goods can help block out any moisture and prevent wires from shorting out. During heavy rain storms or snow melts, ground areas can become extremely moist and soggy. Rubber parts and seals can help prevent any of this moisture from getting inside of the electrical wires and causing damage. The stability of the parts can also help prevent other weather elements like lightning from causing problems. Many of the rubber parts include natural surge protectors that can keep underground cabling and wires stabilized through multiple types of storms.

A dealer, such as Northern Power, can provide you with the proper parts and tools needed for any project. You can receive quotes and more specific specifications for your personal needs.


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