Conserving Energy For A Better Future

Conserving Energy For A Better Future

Have an Industrial Propane Tank? Use a Heating Blanket to Keep It Warm

by Victor Bryant

If you have an industrial propane tank, there are many ways you can keep it in great condition. One way is to keep the tank warm during the cold months. Cold weather can have a bad effect on propane tanks. This is because they need to stay at the right pressure for vaporization to occur. If the tank becomes too cold, the propane will not be able to vaporize, and your tank will not work at all. To keep this from happening to you, below is some information about using a programmable logical-control heating blanket.

Using a Programmable Logic-Control Heating Blanket

A programmable logic-control heating blanket will make it very easy for you to keep the propane tank warm. These blankets are generally made of acrylic and have interior insulation.

How you attach the blanket to the tank depends on the type of tank you have. In some cases, the blanket will have a backing that allows you to stick the blanket onto the tank. In other cases, the blank is secured by hooks.

Monitoring and Controlling the Temperature

There is special software that is installed on a computer. The software connects to the special electric-heating blankets. You can then change the temperature to what you want on the surface of the heating blanket as well as inside the heating blanket remotely through the software on the computer.

How this works exactly depends on the manufacturer and the type of software that company uses. A technician with the company will come to your location and install the software and heating blankets for you and show you how to use everything.

Heating More Than One Tank

If your company uses more than one propane tank, you can use this system to monitor the temperature of every one of them. For example, if only a few tanks are at the wrong temperature, you can remotely change the temperature for only those tanks and leave the others at their current temperature. This can save you a lot of time because you won't have to check the tanks yourself one by one.

Keeping You Safe

This type of blanket can also keep you and your employees safe. This is because if the temperature goes above what it is set it to, the blanket will automatically shut off. You can also set it to shut off if there is a critical short in the system. This will prevent the propane tanks from exploding, which would result in a very bad fire, especially if you use more than one tank.

Making It Portable

You have to use an industrial computer-control system with this type of heating blanket. The software is installed on a laptop, a notebook, or a desktop computer. Choosing to install the software on a laptop or notebook will be much easier for you; you will be able to monitor the blankets from anywhere you are within your company.

You should now not have to worry about your propane getting too cold this winter. For more information about propane tanks, contact a company like Northwest Propane LLC


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