Conserving Energy For A Better Future

Conserving Energy For A Better Future

Love To Go Camping? Use Propane To Take A Hot Shower

by Victor Bryant

If you love to go camping, you know how easy it is to get dirty after spending all day in nature. Instead of using bottled water or even a nearby river to get clean, you can use a propane camping shower to take a hot shower. If you plan to purchase this camping shower, below are some features it should have to make it work the best for you.

On Demand Heating

Some propane camping showers take a little time to heat up the water. How long this time is depends on the propane shower you purchase.

If you purchase one that has on demand heating, you can get hot water in seconds. The water source can come from a stream or lake or wherever you can find water. You can also fill up a large gallon bucket to use each time someone takes a shower. The on demand propane camping shower has a filter that filters out the water before it comes through the shower head.

The camping shower that your purchase will have complete instructions on how to set it up. You should know that they run by batteries so make sure you take a lot of batteries with you. You may have to replace them often, depending on how much the shower is used.

Easy to Ignite

When you start shopping for this type of propane shower system, you will see that some systems have to be started up with a lighter. There are also tanks that allow you to start it up by pushing a button. The shower will instantly turn on and you can take a shower much quicker.

Able to Gauge the Temperature

It is important that you know what the temperature of the water is, as it can become very hot and you could burn yourself. If you have already purchased this propane camping shower and it does not have a temperature gauge, you can purchase your own gauge to use. These are the same temperature gauges that you can use to check the internal temperature of food, such as a turkey at Thanksgiving, or you can purchase one at auto part stores that people use to check fluid temperatures in cars.

If you do purchase one with a temperature gauge, it should have temperature controls. This way each person can have the water at the temperature they want.

Visit a home improvement store to look at the different options you have. The employee there can help you choose one that will work best for you and your family. If you need privacy, they make shower enclosures that you can use while camping. Contact a business, such as Anderson's Propane, for more information. 


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